Introduction and Weekly Meeting Arrangement

Hi , I’m Boni
thank you for creating this forum. I’m really interested of the topic “Machine Learning for Trading”.

Can you introduce yourself, and then we can arrange an event to learn it together?

Thank you

Hi, I’m Sine.
Nice to meet you. I’m also interested in ML4Trade.
I’d like to join our activities.

Hello all!

I am looking forward to continued learning and sharing with the community. :herb:

Welcome to our community! Getting slowly started :slight_smile:

Hi @sinever, welcome to the community! We are just getting started :slight_smile:

Hi all, looking forward to it!

Hi, I’m Yash Raj
I’m interested in ML4Trade.

Hi Stefan do you guys have Discord group ?

Hi, nice to a be an early bird here, I’am using opensource since linux-kernel counted 1.2; bitcoins I watch from the beginning but other project seems more interesting for me so my first cpu-mined coins were lost over the time :-(( I have a few experiences in the “neuer markt”-stocks and lost some money with future-trading in the time of telefoning to a broker on the floor ;-)) . I got here by searching for solution to connect (my) a tradeview-pine-script to binance. The parameters of the script are generatet with ml. but doing the hole process with a fully blown language like python is much more sexy than to reley on a domainspecific one like pine-scipt – my server is my secure place - I hope :smile:


I am Keivan. Recently started ML trading with my team. Happy to be here :slight_smile:

My name is Adrian. Went to talk once by Stefan and now I’m about to dive into the book. Looking forward to it and this community forum. :slight_smile:

  • Adrian

just getting started here; there’s also GitHub issues for code-specific questions.

Awesome, welcome! Please don’t hesitate to post any questions you may have!

Hey @keivan68, welcome to the club! Just getting started here, have been busy with the recent Zipline release but will be more active here soon!

Thanks @yashrj , welcome to the forum, I hope you’ll find it useful!

Hey @toddjm, welcome to the club here! Just getting started, have been a bit busy with the recent Zipline release but will be more active here shortly:

Hello there. Luis here, former Senior Quant @ Lehman, Barclays…now trading my own capital and setting up a ML pipeline. @Stefan, great book! good new ideas and validation of some other material. Cheers!

Hey Luis, most welcome! Glad to hear you’re finding the book useful. We are getting slowly started here, will be promoting the community more actively in a week or two when I have a bit more time. Feel free to post any questions here or on GitHub.

Meanwhile, in case you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a new Zipline version out that works with current versions of Python and other relevant libraries.

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Thanks! Yes, I saw your LinkedIn post. Cheers

Hey everyone - former FX and metals options trader at goldman in the days when backtesting simple moving averages produced stellar P&L. Been a systems trader most of my life, off and on, as I have pursued wildly divergent career paths outside of finance, but always have been trading my own book.

Fell into ML & Deep learning a few years ago and have been using it for other applications but I think its time to throw my hat into the ring again and see what it can do. Have gone through the book once and am starting to work on the code IRL

Best to all!