Introduction and Weekly Meeting Arrangement

Hello everyone, I feel I bit dislocated here since I’m in my last year of electrical and computer engineering and by the replies I see there is a lot of people with experience. However the topic of ML always got to me as well as trading so I thought I might start with the top notch ML4T.

I’m starting with it now and not gonna lie having a bit of trouble undertanding it but with time and try and error I will get there as always.

I wish to all the best of luck and entertainment during this journey.

Hello All,
I am new and I have 2 questions:

  1. When is the weekly meeting (day, hour and timezone)?
  2. I’d like to start this project GitHub - stefan-jansen/machine-learning-for-trading: Code for Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading, 2nd edition. but I have a small macbook. Is there a somewhere free cloud on which I could install a VM or any other ways?

I have started ML4T and experimenting few ML model on trade open/close data. I’m interested to join the forum to share my knowledge and learn from the community. When is the weekly meeting: day/time, TZ pls.


Hi @Diane,

welcome to the forum. I don’t think there’s a regular weekly meeting quite yet. For free cloud, Google Colaboratory comes to mind, but resources will be constrained. I’m not sure there will be a free cloud environment that let’s you use 16GB+ which is what you would probably need. However, there are many examples where you can down sample the data by selecting fewer tickers or time periods.

Hope this helps - perhaps someone else has a suggestion?

Cheers, Stefan

Welcome @Hackathon-G7! So far there doesn’t seem to be a weekly meeting yet but perhaps contacting some other members who are interested might help get it started?



I think having a discord would be great! (I much prefer discord over slack/zulip.)
(I’m already in several (algo) trading discords but they are not focused on a certain curriculum like this book is.) It would be great to have a discord around this book, so we can talk to other students who are working through the same material.
@Stefan Would you be interested in creating a discord server (or allowing someone else to create/moderate a discord server) around this book? :slight_smile:
(I think it would also greatly increase book sales, if people know that there’s a discord around this book. Because then the learning becomes more social and people can get help when they are stuck or have questions, it’s more engaging than a forum.)

Hi guys,
How are you?
I’m Javier Castillo, nice to be here.

Great idea by developing this community and potential events aside within this topic and networking with great people. Happy to join or help with this ;). Sometimes when starting projects some challenges might appear! Mainly time related I guess…

@Stefan Congrats for the book! To me, is an amazing combination of quality content & practical tools. Just starting it but looks promising so far… What to say about the work over Zipline, Pyfolio, etc. just great and extremely helpful ;).

Looking forward to keep catching up here! Learning from the experienced ones, and helping whenever is possible (What seems difficult by the level of the people here… hahaha. Probably more to learn than to bring just yet)

Have a nice day guys :wink: