Zipline round prices to the 3 decimal place

Hello all!

After ingesting my bundle with futures data, all prices were rounded to the third decimal place.
I need 4 digits. Can’t find a solution.
I am using tick_size = 0.0001 in the metadata, but this does not affect rounding.

Quick and dirty solution would be to adjust your price before ingestion?
It seems that indeed zipline truncates the data.

You could also try changing the lines processed = (raw_data[list(OHLC)] * 1000).round().astype("uint32") and return price * 0.001 in class BcolzDailyBarReader and class BcolzDailyBarWriter, i.e. 10_000 and .0001, but I don’t know if there will be side effects. The largest number for uint32 is 4294967295 which should leave some room.