Zipline-reloaded Installation Issue

A newbie here in programming. I have read multiple posts but I am unable to understand why I am getting the below error:

mamba install -y -c ml4t -c conda-forge -c ranaroussi pandas==1.2.5 numpy==1.22.4 zipline-reloaded

Looking for: [‘pandas==1.2.5’, ‘numpy==1.22.4’, ‘zipline-reloaded’]

ml4t/osx-arm64 (check zst) Checked 1.0s
ml4t/noarch (check zst) Checked 0.4s
ranaroussi/osx-arm64 (check zst) Checked 0.4s
ranaroussi/noarch (check zst) Checked 1.0s
pkgs/main/osx-arm64 (check zst) Checked 0.1s
pkgs/main/noarch (check zst) Checked 0.0s
pkgs/free/osx-arm64 (check zst) Checked 0.5s
pkgs/free/noarch (check zst) Checked 0.4s
pkgs/r/osx-arm64 (check zst) Checked 0.5s
pkgs/r/noarch (check zst) Checked 0.5s
ranaroussi/osx-arm64 123.0 B @ 272.0 B/s 0.5s
pkgs/free/noarch 1.9kB @ 3.7kB/s 0.0s
ml4t/noarch 541.0 B @ 536.0 B/s 1.0s
ml4t/osx-arm64 123.0 B @ 121.0 B/s 1.0s
pkgs/r/osx-arm64 118.0 B @ 91.0 B/s 0.3s
pkgs/main/osx-arm64 1.5MB @ 1.1MB/s 0.9s
pkgs/main/noarch 696.0kB @ 375.5kB/s 0.8s
pkgs/free/osx-arm64 118.0 B @ 60.0 B/s 0.1s
ranaroussi/noarch 1.1kB @ 504.0 B/s 0.7s
pkgs/r/noarch 1.3MB @ 597.8kB/s 0.9s
conda-forge/osx-arm64 6.0MB @ 1.8MB/s 3.4s
conda-forge/noarch 11.6MB @ 2.0MB/s 5.9s

Pinned packages:

  • python 3.8.*

Could not solve for environment specs
The following package could not be installed
> └─ zipline-reloaded does not exist (perhaps a typo or a missing channel).

Python version: 3.8.17
mamba version: 1.4.7
conda version: 23.5.0
Apple Macbook M1

Please let me know if you need more information. Help me with this installation

Found the answer.

If you’re using M1 Mac, then use the below commands:

CONDA_SUBDIR=osx-64 conda create -n [environment] # create a new environment
conda activate [environment]
conda env config vars set CONDA_SUBDIR=osx-64 # subsequent commands use intel packages
conda install -c ml4t -c conda-forge -c ranaroussi zipline-reloaded