Struggling with ingesting custom bundle

Hey everyone, I’m trying to ingest some CSV data.
I have added these lines at the top of the file:

import pandas as pd
from import register
from import csvdir_equities

And I have added my function info:

And the error when I zipline ingest -b yf_indices:

TypeError: register() got an unexpected keyword argument 'calendar_name'

I can’t seem to figure the problem. There’s something with @curry in the file declaring a register() function, but I don’t understand it, since we are also importing a function of that name.

I’ve tried commenting out the imports, but that does not work either.

Help is appreciated. Thanks!

Can you post the whole code? Do you have the code from the book that you’re referencing?

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Sure, let me get things gathered up…

I’m making some headway with using this instead:

Did you ever get this working? Did you use the code in the last post? Or for sake of knowledge dump would you mind posting what you did to get this to work or code?