PDF copy of book?

I’ve pretty much destroyed this book by carrying it around so much. I was wondering if I could get a PDF copy for when I’m traveling?


Hi Jeremy,
If found, can you share link or pdf of the book. Thanks

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Hi Jeremy, I have a PDF copy to this book. PM me!


I was able to get one from Stefan. Thanks!

can I also get pdf of this book. thanks in advance

Same to me, please (very appreciated!)

Hi Junyi,
Could you send the PDF? Much appreciated!


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I also wanna a pdf copy, can u share it 2 me

I’ve got one, if anyone needs DM me

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Email me at englianhu@gmail.com please…

Send me book to saleksey67@gmail.com please)))

Please send a the pdf book/link to my email us-ps@outlook.com

Appreciate the help. Thanks!

I would also request a pdf file, thanks

email : px37521@gmail.com
many thanks

I would also request a pdf file, thanks

email : yuko.myso@gmail.com
many thanks

Hi Junyi,
Could you please send me the PDF?

Thank you

Hey, could you please send a copy over here too?
Regards Peter


I would like a copy of book in pdf format.
email: davidcapelle.professionnel@gmail.com
Thanys you

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I got the paid pdf book via [书籍介绍] Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading (2nd Edition) - by Stefan Jansen and upload to reference section in Coursera Machine Learning for Trading 専門講座 and download for free. Feel free to download~ :+1:t2:

Hi all,
Thank you all for answers!

Best regards,

A little idea for finding books: library genesis not always easy to understand how to get the download link but you can find tons of books in pdf or epub :slight_smile:

Then a pdf

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