I need a network

I’ve read a ton of books on trading and have been investing my own capital since 2007. However, some of the code and math in the book I struggle with or could use a peer group to discuss and see what strategies people are trading and using live to learn from. I was hoping for some feedback. Where do others go for this type of support system? It seems like Quantopian had a great forum for this type of stuff. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Try out quantconnect, which is the platform that many ex-Quantopians migrated to. Hope this helps.

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QuantConnect url. Also: reddit on algotrading.

Im thinking of making a discord server for zipline user folks. The main ideas is to discuss and share your experience, and of course ask for help when you need. Would you guys like to join?

You can join the server from here https://discord.gg/qfCqS6Vtnj