How to boost community engagement?

Any ideas on how we can boost community engagement on this forum? I think Stefan’s book is fantastic and have loved working through the material. Given the nature of anything like this though, there are lots of bugs that people run into that have to do with their workstation, IDE, storage, etc. in addition to domain knowledge about the topic. I personally have asked multiple questions over the last few months without any replies as have other. According to the logs there has not been a reply to any question since Feb 27.

I think this community could potentially be very impactful for all users and am hoping to start a conversation about how to boost engagement and improve everyone’s experience with Stefan’s material.


If it’s any consolation I feel the same way. I think taking up quantitative investing on your own is a lonely endeavor.

You can post on Quant forums in reddit but you usually just get junk comments.

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Seems to be the case at the moment. Can only try to encourage more participation. Feels a lot like putting together a complicated puzzle. Interesting, but time consuming and sometimes frustrating.

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Not enough people signed up in this group

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i’m happy to help.

I try to participate on github, as there are a few things that need minor updates due to apis moving on. pandas mainly.

I have created a docker container image that has everything needed to run ml4trading code, you can try it at GitHub - gnzsnz/jupyter-quant: A dockerized Jupyter quant research environment.

i have excluded some packages, mainly duplicates, xgboost, catboost, and left only lightgbm. otherwise it’s all there.

zipline-reloaded is unfortunatelly falling behind, it does not work on python 3.12. could be good to leverage this comunity to keep it up to date.

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That’s great @gnzsnz. Agree that Zipline is not up to par. Could certainly be a worthwhile endeavor to keep that going.