How do I tell Zipline to backtest using my pandas dataframe?

I am working using a local repository and this notebook within a remote repository which mirrors it:

In the notebook, I loaded some financial data and used it to create a pandas dataframe. I used Github Copilot to suggest an ingest_func to process the dataframe. I attempted to run my algorithm with this function:

result = run_algorithm(

After I ran this cell, I got the following error:

ValueError: no data for bundle 'my-bundle' on or before 2023-11-11 19:00:08.261489+00:00
maybe you need to run: $ zipline ingest -b my-bundle

I then navigated to my local algo_trader environment and ran zipline ingest -b my-bundle, which gave me this error:

Error: No bundle registered with the name 'my-bundle'

How do I properly tell Zipline to utilize the dataframe I created?

you can use the frame loader

there is an example in the book

and you have zipline test code to use as a reference as well.