Chapter 2 - alogseek_minute_data

Hello, Im currently having a problem running the algo_minute_data script in chapter 2, more precise the extract_and_combine_data().

Im currently running the nb using the provied docker image and set up a volume as described on github.

The progress bar reaches 100% and keeps on computing. After some time the connection is lost to the container and the kernel is shutdown.

Hoping someone knows a way to fix this!

Hey @just, welcome! This is likely due to memory issues during concat. Are you using docker? Default memory is quite limited but you can allocate more resources under ‘settings’ in the Desktop interface. There are now also conda environments that avoid Docker altogether.

Im using Docker, with wsl 2 enabled. From what i can find the memory should be dynamically allocated when using wsl 2. However there’s a performance issue across OS file systems, which likely is causing the problem. I’ll try and set it up on my native OS instead(Win10).