Book 3rd edition

I just started reading the second edition of the book, which makes use of now extinguished Quantopian platform.

There are some inconveniences in reading the book as it is impossible to replicate some of the content due to the lack of data, and the fact that some notebooks referenced in the textbook do not exisit anymore in the github repo, such as 05_multiple_factors_quantopian_research.ipynb

I would like to know if there are any advices on how to follow the book given these issues and if there is a plan to release a new version of the book that does not rely on Quantopian.

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It’s true that the notebook you mention illustrates how one could have used the Quantopian platform. This is no longer possible since Quantopian shut down. I don’t think there are many other examples that rely on Quantopian, unless I’m missing something. I hope you find the content useful despite the fact that this notebook no longer works.

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