Becoming a Crypto Quant

Is this book suitable for a novice student looking to venture into the field of crypto quant trading?

I dont know, but im interested too on RL applied on crypto enviroment

I only work with crypto and also studying this subject … i am new as well but looking to meet others in this field … so if you would like to connect lets talk. @00x @WesleyJohn77

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It’s great to hear about your interest in crypto quant trading. I’m always open to connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Feel free to share your insights or any specific topics you’re exploring—I’d love to exchange thoughts and learn together. Looking forward to our conversation!

@00x not sure if it is possible to dm here but lets setup a time to chat … email me

also you can check out what i have built at GitHub - QuantFreedom1022/QuantFreedom: Professional Backtesting Engine for crypto, stocks and forex … it is in beta right now but it does work

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I already sent you a mail. Take care.