Apple M2 Mac Zipline Installation

Dear community, I have just bought an Apple Mac M2. It seems the installation is quite challenging. I was not able to set up the the environment with the file you suggest. I have quickly checked on internet and so far I have not find any solution. Could you please help? I have read on internet that a potential solution would be to use a Docker, if so do you have any procedure on this? any link on steps I have to follow?

My (limited) understanding is that Apple changed the location and structure of the user files in the M2. It appears to be a simplification that will yield long-term benefits, but short-term configuration problems. Docker is a solution, but has it’s own learning curve. In addition zipline is version sensitive.

Here’s what worked for me:

install brew, conda, xcode tools

create env

conda create -n zip_env python=3.9 ipykernel
conda activate zip_env

install python

python -m ipykernel install --user --name=zip_env
pip install cython
brew install hdf5
brew install c-blosc
export HDF5_DIR=/opt/homebrew/opt/hdf5
export BLOSC_DIR=/opt/homebrew/opt/c-blosc
pip install zipline-reloaded

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Thank you it works fo me as well!!
just one think for other users, I have installed ta-lib before zipline-reloaded. Without this procedure I got an error that prevent biplane to be installed.