07_backtesting_with_zipline.ipynb missing train key in predictions.h5

I am running the notebook

I ran file 05 and 06 to create predictions.h5, but can not find code which write train/1 to it

def load_predictions(bundle):
    t = 1
    df = pd.concat([pd.read_hdf(results_path / 'predictions.h5', 'train/{:02}'.format(t)), # missing train/1 key
                    pd.read_hdf(results_path / 'predictions.h5', 'test/{:02}'.format(t))])
    df = df[~df.index.duplicated()].drop('y_test', axis=1)
    predictions = df.iloc[:, :5].mean(1).to_frame('predictions')

    tickers = predictions.index.get_level_values('ticker').unique().tolist()

    assets = bundle.asset_finder.lookup_symbols(tickers, as_of_date=None)
    predicted_sids = pd.Int64Index([asset.sid for asset in assets])
    ticker_map = dict(zip(tickers, predicted_sids))

    return (predictions
            .tz_localize('UTC')), assets

Anyone can help ?